As a company working together for a better world!

With the NGOBrowser you as a company and your employees can easily and for free support a non-profit association of your choice. The use and installation of our sustainable online search engine is free and very easy.

How it works:

In the Browsers which are being used by your employees on your company PCs, you can easily and free to install our Chrome and Firefox Extension.

Now you have the opportunity to choose an appropriate club for your company, which you would like to support automatically. The search queries of your employees now automatically generate donations (sponsored by Microsoft Bing) which are collected by the NGO browser and paid out to the respective charity.

Better brand image

More positive external perception and PR possibility

Employee motivation

Automatically social engagement in the work environment

Higher customer loyalty

Tying more customers through corporate social responsibility

We have a variety of charities to choose from: Humanitarian Aid, Environmental Protection, Animal Welfare, Development Aid etc. Automatically plant trees for a positive CO-2 balance or clean the oceans of plastic - all for free and automatically through our sustainable search technology.

More Privacy:

Search Technology by Microsoft:


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